Family Farm since the 1930’s

Park and Landway Farms

Park and Landway Farms have been farmed by the Thomas family since 1958. Prior to this theThomas family farmed a couple of miles away at Guiltar Grove growing early potatoes during the 30’s and 40’s.

Landway Farm was brought by Morris George Thomas and his father Louis Thomas primarily to grow Pembrokeshire early potatoes. The Thomas family were one of the pioneers of the early potatoes and the operation was carried out at Landway Farm for many years.

Park Farm, which forms part of Picton Estate joins Landway and was taken on by the Thomas’s 40 years ago and has been successfully farmed ever since. Firstly by both Thomas’s and then since George’s early passing by his wife Sally.

Their son Harry joined the farming business in the late nineties. Since then with the unfortunate demise of the Pembrokeshire early potato industry as it was, the farm has focused on building a successful arable enterprise growing wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans.

“ We’ve harvest from potatoes to wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans. Now rapeseed oil will help secure the family farm for the fourth generation. ”

A large new grain store was put up in 2011 to improve harvest operations and provide a large grain drying facility for the farms grain. This has allowed the farm to store grain and oilseed all year round with much of the grain going to the mills
locally and until now the rapeseed being sold back to United Oilseeds to be crushed for oil.

Harry married Kim in 2015 at Manorbier Church followed by a wonderful marquee reception at Park Farm. Harry and Kim have two young children George and Oscar. They both take a great deal of interest in the farm and can’t wait to drive tractors themselves!

The next part of the jigsaw has been to set up our own crushing plant in 2021 to produce Pembrokeshire Gold Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from some of the rapeseed produced. Hopefully this new venture will help secure the family farm for the fourth generation.